Imagine being a teen girl under the radar of mega rap-superstar, T.I. almost 24/7, while approaching mega-stardom in your own right. Well, you just imagined the life of the blossoming stars, The O.M.G Girlz. While becoming a teenager is hard enough, growing up in the public eye is no small feat. From the little boys following you around with their tongues out, to super judgmental peers, members sixteen-year-old Star (daughter of Tiny), fifteen-year-old Beauty and seventeen-year-old Baby Doll certainly have their fair share of challenges on the way to the top (just a few days ago, T.I had to step in and offer a little dirty south discipline to a young man who left lewd comments on his Star's Instagram: "U ever disrespect me & mines like that again I'm gon throw more $$$ at ya head than it cost to build yo mama a new house.") The pressure of setting a good example for girls around the world is quite the load to bear. But these tween performers handle it so well, they keep us saying "O.M.G!"

EBONY:  What does O.M.G stand for and how did you all you come up with the name?

BEAUTY: The name stands for "officially miss-guided," so to us, it means girls who guide other girls to do the right thing and go in the right direction. It really is all about positivity and girl power.  

EBONY: Star, what is it like working with your parents, T.I and Tiny?

STAR: My mom will come out to certain shows and she’ll fly out if I miss her or something. If I haven’t seen her in a long time, I’ll ask her to come out and she’ll see us.They all give us great advice, especially my dad since he doesn’t really get to come to the shows unless we’re in Atlanta. All of our parents are really involved in our careers and on the road [with us], especially Beauty and Baby Doll’s mom. But my dad will always say go out there just give it your all; he always gives us advice about the business and how it really is.

EBONY: Do your names match your personalities? I know that, Star is the prissy one and Baby doll is animated and Beauty is sort of the demanding one.

STAR: Actually, my mom, pretty much came up with all of our names. But when we met Baby Doll she performed for us and she reminded my mom of a Baby Doll, even though she’s the oldest. But she’s the shortest!  My name has been Star ever since I was little. Beauty's grandmother has always called her "beautiful doll", so my mom just shortened it and made it Beauty, and that’s something she’s always been called. She’s not really into herself, but she knows she’s cute! [Laughs]

EBONY: If you had to describe your musical sound in three words, what they be?

BEAUTY: I would call it "fun, positive and inspirational."

EBONY: Have you ever felt like you’ve been asked to sing about something that you weren’t comfortable with?

BABY DOLL: We always say how we feel and what we want to change up and we’re very encouraged to speak up. Everything [we do] is for us and we make it relate to us the way we want it to.

EBONY: I’m obsessed with your style! Who is the most daring? 

STAR: I would say Baby Doll. She’s not afraid to go all out with an outfit. She’s the daring one. She’s not afraid to put anything together and make an outfit out of it and make it really cute. Me, I’m really tom-boyish, but I love accessories. Beauty likes anything that’s "cute". When it comes to dressing up and for shows, we all like bright colors, and for our colors to match our lips!

EBONY: Do any of you have any favorite style icons?

BABY DOLL: Mine is more of Selena Gomez, the Free People look. Star really loves Rihanna and the tomboyish ways. She really dresses up stuff with just jewelry and red lipstick—very Rihanna meets hip-hop. With Beauty, it just depends on how she feels that day. She likes makeup, but she likes to keep it simple and cute.

EBONY: We're very proud of you ladies and want you to do well. Where do you all see yourself in five years?

BEAUTY: A lot of albums, lots of tours, lots of awards, photo shoots and nail polish lines! We also want to do movies, producing, directing and we want to write.