The “Responsible One”. That’s how Towanda Chloe Braxton is frequently referred to by those who recognize her as one of the five sisters in the unofficial act often just called, The Braxtons. After spending three decades in and around the business, Towanda finally emerged out of her superstar sister’s (Toni Braxton) shadow, thanks to the success of 'Braxton Family Values', WE tv’s hit reality series. In fact, the show is so popular the network is airing a special 6-episode (starting August 16, 9pm ET) run to bridge the gap between its second and third season. Expect more family friendly, but still funky, drama.

On this Braxton’s end, the highlights include settling into her new pad—with her old husband. Towanda describes the unique situation she has with her ex/next, Andre Carter, as what’s best for their pre-tween children. You have to watch and see if the friendship has any benefits for mama. But there are some shake-ups in this Braxton’s life. Towanda is finally going after her dream of being an actress with a full court press. Plus, she taps into her entrepreneurial side as well. And just so you don’t think everything is 100 percent PG, expect a few sitdowns thrown towards younger sibling Tamar. Sounds like fun.

Here’s what the middle Braxton sister had to say to  

EBONY: What should we expect on this mini run of 'Braxton Family Values'?

Towanda Braxton: More drama than season one and two combined. One of the issues is that Toni is looking for new back up singers and we help with the audition process. So you get to see how we each react. It’s bittersweet.

EBONY: On the first season one of your sisters (Tamar) stated that you shouldn’t take money to work for family (Toni). What are your thoughts?

TB: Let me just break it down to you: We were all compensated for singing background for Toni Braxton. Tamar wasn’t singing for her then. Toni pays everybody.

EBONY: Rumor has it that you started your own venture.

TB: It’s called The Secret Squirrel and it’s a school for personal and executive assistants. It’s 6-8 weeks of training. I got the name because that’s what my family calls me, since I don’t tell secrets. It goes hand and hand with the business because the assistants understand they must have a high level of confidentiality to deal with the people who they are working with— so they are secret squirrels too.

EBONY: What are personal assistant must-haves?

TB: A passport for sure. You also need a notepad and pen to write things down because the people who you’ll work for won’t like repeating themselves. And you must have thick skin. You can’t be sensitive because everything will be your fault.

EBONY: Some people view you as the other sister. Do you think you’ve put your career on hold to help the team?

TB: I have to be honest; I always went with the flow of things with my sisters. If this is what everybody wanted, I’d say, “yeah, I’ll do it.”  But my real passion has always been acting and I kind of put it on the back burner for years. But this is my time. I have been taking acting classes with Terri Vaughn. She helped me address the fear that people would look at me as just Toni’s sister by encouraging me to focus on my own life, and gifts.

EBONY: Your youngest sister Tamar brings the drama! How do you deal?

TB: Tamar is absolutely over the top and she’s been that way since birth.  I think by the time she came along my parents were just tired; she was the sixth kid. We allowed Tamar to say and do what she wanted. Now we have created boundaries with her.