BET Networks has partnered with media and advertising companies such as HuffPost Black Voices, TV One and The Root to create awareness for the #INTHEBLACK campaign to initiate the power of Black consumers. The black consumer market needs a strong advertising that has the ability to reach the black community and establish trends. This #INTHEBLACK campaign will help companies reach the African American marketplace more effectively.

“We are excited to partner with some of the nation’s most influential media and marketing groups to highlight the growing economic opportunity of the Black marketplace. As a collective, we are better positioned to demonstrate the value of targeting the black consumer audience and partnering with leading brands to help them succeed,” said Debra Lee, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, for BET Networks.

African Americans are among the leading consumers in the consumption of health and beauty products, entertainment, electronics and movies and travel. #INTHEBLACK plans to inform consumers of companies that support and work with the African American community. Without the spending power of Blacks with nearly one trillion dollars annually, this Black Media and Marketing Consortium would not be effective without the power of these media companies and the African American community. Among other companies partnering with BET Networks are Black Enterprise, Essence Communications, Global Hue, Johnson Publishing Company, and TheGrio.

The strength of Black media has molded the lifestyles of many African Americans through its products and advertising. By increasing efforts to attract Black consumers, the #INTHEBLACK consortium can effectively help leading brands to succeed and cater to a valuable base.