It’s difficult to make adult-driven rap music without referencing expensive clothing, foreign cars, multiple lovers and the rote mention of “grown folk” something or other. Cavalier, a.k.a. Cavski, manages to avoid those corny tropes and drop a tune that allows adults in room to do their wop while their kids get to their “Gangnam Style” dancing on.

And Cavalier’s only 26… yet grown and clever about it.

“Activated” is a club banger created by a soulful young man who’s lived a few years, rocked the microphone on foreign soils and thrown serious underground parties. And still it manages to avoid rap’s fads and pitfalls. Cav is from Brooklyn, but he’s neither a hipster nor (though he can guard his grill) a NYC gangsta.

His music is completely current and bang-out hard.

Recording “Activated” in New York with a video shot in India—courtesy of Rocksmith Clothing—the world traveler has put together a club hit, a workout motivator and long-drive head-nodder. No, he’s not saving the world on this song, but it’s a gentle reminder that we can do the two-step without hard cussin’ or ridiculing a woman’s self-esteem.

Follow the beat. Appreciate the flow. Learn the lyrics. Enjoy the Cavski show. Cavalier’s debut album, Chief, is due to drop this spring. — Tai Allen

Tune into Cavalier at his site,, and follow him on Twitter

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