Maybe it’s the hotter weather, but this season has inexplicably seen a lot of seismic activity in Rap Music: the Bloodsport. It’s come in the form of various highly entertaining beefs, both online and on SoundCloud. From uneven alpha-popularity contests to videos asserting vet status and threats of physical retribution, the jousting has proven profitable for artists and fans alike, in clicks, memes and LOLs. Corona Queens native Creature might not be a contestant in hip-hop’s highly sensitive summer of back-and-forths. But he’s just dropped his own joint—the absurdly titled “Warhol’s Wig,” produced by the artist-formerly-known-as-Mos Def’s DJ Preservation—that recalls hip-hop at its most slick-mouthed and irreverent.

In fact, Creature (who got his start working with the Beatnuts, MF Doom, Cannibal OX and Mike Ladd) serves up his own verse like an apéritif of reverse-psychology shade, reminding us of verbal sparring pre the days of knee-jerk, 140-character combat.

Creature’s two-player spades partner on this track—Kool AD of the now-defunct Brooklyn trio Das Racist—holds his own as well, with lines that are by turns droll, offhanded and clever. In fact, quintessential Rotten Appleness is the visual theme of “Warhol’s Wig” as well: graffiti-emblazoned rooftops; a conspicuously pristine NYC restaurant kitchen with a worker (the owner?) watching from the background like a wary hawk.

But the core appeal of this video is the trill ride-along the listener takes with these two agile lyricists. So step aboard, snatch yourself a Snapple-puddle-free train seat nearest to the car doors and peep “Warhol’s Wig.” Then grab your copy of Creature’s acclaimed independent EP Torn Together here. You can also follow him on Twitter and Facebook.—Sun Singleton

Sun Singleton is a Northern Virginia-born singer/journalist based in New York City. Follow her on Twitter @sunsing.

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