On Twitter, actor Malcolm-Jamal Warner once said he was “feeling like a rockstar” after jamming with Atlanta-born and raised rapper/bassist Divinity Roxx. Beyoncé always calls Divinity to lace her famous all-girl band with sweet and nasty basslines. You remember Divinity, right? She's that bad sista you’ve seen shredding on a six-string bass and thrashing her mighty (sometimes blonde, sometimes fuchsia) locs in many a Yoncé video and live show. Bass legend Bootsy Collins has called Divinity a soon-to-be bass legend in her own right, blessed with the “power of the one.” She’s a highly potent solo rocker as well, with a sound that will melt your molecules.

When asked whether she feels that the music world is more welcoming to female musicianship than when she first started a decade ago, she’s reflective. “I still get the ‘you’re good for a woman,’ and ‘ooh, female bass players are so sexy,’ and ‘I love watching a woman play an instrument’,” says Divinity. “I really don’t care if people accept me as a woman playing an instrument. What’s more important is for us as women to accept ourselves and welcome ourselves to pursue anything in the world we want to.”


Not one to be pigeonholed by an industry fond of stuffing talented artists into neat little boxes for saleability, her music straddles a few genres: hip-hop, rock and funk. Divinity’s artistic priority seems to be mood and feel over fitting in. Her latest video, “Get Here,” head-bangs for real, while showcasing Divinity’s MC skills. The effect is thrilling, banging rhymecore for yo’ ass. Click play and discover the power of the one and only Divinity Roxx for yourself.

Follow Divinity Roxx on Twitter @diviroxx and her personal site, DivinityRoxx.com.

Sun Singleton is a Virginia-born singer/journalist based in New York City. Follow her on Twitter @sunsing.

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