Soul rocker Kameron Corvet’s latest single, “Bad for Me,” keeps it realer than real about that moment when you know it’s about high time to dead a relationship because it’s gone completely sour, but the physical intimacy is so bomb that you keep putting it off until the 21st of Neveruary.

Corvet (pronounced the French way: “kor-vay”) has been slinging sexy, catchy, guitar-anchored R&B on his indie music grind for a good minute now, dropping his buzz-worthy and provocatively titled release F_ck, Love in 2012 and troubadouring his way around small club engagements with his ax and building a much-deserved buzz for his music.

The visual for “Bad for Me” gets right to the point—when you have the ingredients of a plush, panoramic-view penthouse, a stocked bar of JD and Hennessy and a call from Nikki Bad Idea? No one, not even Kameron, is safe on the cusp of another polar vortex and extreme cuffing season. Slide underneath a toasty comforter with a snifter of spirits and Corvet’s new one and let the power of nature and body heat take over.—Sun Singleton

Listen to songs from Kameron Corvet’s deluxe EP Darker Than Grey for free on his website, and pick up your own copy on iTunes

Sun Singleton is a musician/editor/journalist based in New York City whose work has been featured in a variety of publications, including Vibe, Mass Appeal,, Bronx BiannualYOYO/SO4 and BET Digital. Feel free to connect with her on Twitter at @sunsing.

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