We are pleased to introduce MANIFEST: Black Men Tackle Identity, Struggle and Power, an exclusive EBONY.com multimedia series that takes an in depth look at the lives of Black men and boys. Through discussion and exploration around nine major topics (fatherhood, art, health, relationships/sexuality, spirituality, incarceration, activism, employment and education), we are shining a light on not merely the challenges, but also the important nuances and undeniable triumphs of being Black and male in America.

While EBONY has a long and proud history of telling stories of Black life across the globe, we felt that these times in particular demand we go a level deeper to ensure that brothers are being seen and heard in more honest, healthy and loving ways.

With MANIFEST our goal is to ignite the spark of a more complete—certainly more human—media narrative about Black men and boys. In an effort to counter what often feels like a assault on the Black male image—and psyche too—we are telling stories; rich and redeeming stories. We are drawing light and special attention to the remarkably complex reality of Black men in America in the time of Barack Obama, Trayvon Martin and all in between.

Each Monday, EBONY.com highlights stories by and about brothers that are meant to enlighten and inspire you. In addition, we offer frank conversations and profiles of Black men who just may open up the way you see the world.

Check our what we have to date (this list will update regularly):









Bookmark, print, send links; this is a community conversation! We invite you to share your ideas and pitches for MANIFEST via [email protected].