Is your heart a stalled ship that won’t let you get over a shattered love affair? “Entire,” the new single by M&O (a.k.a. Milo & Otis) might be the medicine your wounded ticker needs right now. The buzzworthy Chicago-based duo has created a sound they call “adventure soul.” It’s genre-twisting R&B with influences that span from experimental trip-hop to classic soul.

Singer Jamila Woods is truly a star-in-the-making—a subtle, ethereal vocalist whose presence on the song belies the packed punch of her words. The production of Owen Hill (Otis) takes listeners into pure analogue-warmth; heavy on the bottom, with lush, precise instrumentation that’s the perfect vehicle for Jamila’s poetry.


Get lost in this Chicago group’s latest video, which Jamila poignantly describes as a “how-to manual for moving past a break-up.” Your shipwrecked heart will be glad you did.—Sun Singleton

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Sun Singleton is a Virginia-born singer/journalist based in New York City. Follow her on Twitter @sunsing.

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