It could very well be that a May/December crush was never more severe than when your lonely tweener self was crushing on a teenager. Remember? Though just a few years older, those teens were of an entirely different breed: they were fully developed, they knew how to kiss with their tongues, and they’d crossed over the burning sands into adolescence—the land of the “almost-growns,” with all the mysteries about their bodies’ strange eruptions and sensations understood and solved.

“Broadway,” the title-track debut video from Bay Area soul duo Myron and E, tells such a tale. The duo, Myron Glasper and E, hail from South Central L.A. and New Jersey respectively, and originally connected while touring with Bay Area hip-hop group Blackalicious. (Full disclosure: I sang alongside Myron as a background vocalist for Blackalicious in the early ’00s.)

Myron and E released their debut album on Stones Throw Records in 2013, after spending a few years working with the retro-soul band The Soul Investigators, whose in-house producer Didier Selin provided the musical compositions for their debut.

The duo’s Motown backbeat-infused jam about matrimonial love narrates this story of a boy who pounds out his daily romantic frustrations onto a punching bag in a boxing gym, all the while fantasizing about his own unattainable crush: an older neighbor. Acted beautifully by tween newcomer Keith Bartley, the kid’s a serious mission—to hook-and-jab his long, gangly arms toward coveted “cock-diesel” status in order to best his rival (his neighbor’s boxer boyfriend, who sunned him in an embarrassing moment of attempted chivalry).

Directed by Kamell Allaway, the video is beautifully rendered. Especially tender are Bartley’s facial angst and those curious, contemplative silences at the kitchen table with Mom (played by actress Tracie Thoms).

Click play and take a sentimental trip back to the days of way-out-of-your-league puppy love with Myron and E, and pick up your copy of “Broadway” at their website. You can also follow the soul duo as they tour internationally on Twitter and Facebook.

Sun Singleton is a Northern Virginia-born singer/journalist based in New York City. Follow her on Twitter @sunsing.