Already a shining light on Broadway (currently thrilling audiences in Motown: The Musical), performer Patrice Covington brings her vivacious energy and intense vocal chops to the salsa-infused cut, “Life Feels Good Right Now.” The song rides in the uptempo R&B/gospel lane of Mary Mary and Kirk Franklin. And the video—of Covington giddily sashaying through a park, random people grooving to the tune, and a couple of brothers dusting off their best Kid-n-Play kick-step—cutely compliments the song’s high impact workout vibe.

According to the Norfolk, Virginia-raised singer, the song’s message “is an opportunity to choose happy! There is so much that goes on in our everyday lives and the world in general that can bring stress and heartache. When we’re asked, ‘How are you doing?,’ it’s somehow easier for all of the mess and stress to roll off our tongues as opposed to [talking about] what’s good in our lives.”

Patrice recorded the song, produced by actor/singer Chaz Shepherd, four years ago when she was at a particularly low point in her personal life. But releasing it from her self-titled 2011 EP as a “feel-good anthem” last year coincided with her own life and attitude both turning around for the better. “Life Feels Good Right Now” is Covington’s uplifting ode to her strong belief in the power of positive thinking. “I encourage listeners to choose happy with me,” she says.—Sun Singleton

Check out more of Patrice Covington’s music at her website, follow her on Instagram and Twitter and see her perform live on tour in Motown: The Musical.

Sun Singleton is a Northern Virginia-born singer/journalist based in New York City. Follow her on Twitter @sunsing.

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