From the opening synths, Rippy Austin aims squarely at R&B seduction and “Hey You” draws back the bow. The phrase is a pretty standard prelude to some very basic flirtation. But in Austin’s words, the greeting wraps its legs around a slinky hook and a very tuneful, catchy song appears. Rippy sort of rhymes like he sings: in a crisp, melodic cadence that brings to mind the four-part swing of old Bone Thugs-n-Harmony. His hook melts over a wall of bright minor synths, and hip-hop shifts down-tempo to chillwave/electronica over tight trap rhythms.

A native of Indianapolis and the Bay Area who now calls L.A. home, the MC/producer directs his rhymes at a stranger amour, some non-committal record label people and his hype fans in the crowd. And the song’s so free-association and hypnotic that you might just give your body over to it… because linear narrative arcs are so whatever. (For that experience, watch Rippy’s thoughful “Questions” video.)

Check out Rippy’s video, a solo-traveling visual haiku capturing his beloved downtown Los Angeles—directed by Riley Robbins, who’s previously shot campaigns for Pharrell, H&M and Karl Lagerfeld. Peep more from Rippy Austin on Twitter, Instagram, FB and at his Bandcamp page.—Sun Singleton

Sun Singleton is a musician/editor/journalist based in New York City whose work has been featured in a variety of publications, including VibeMass Appeal, Complex.comEBONY.comBronx BiannualYOYO/SO4 and BET Digital. Feel free to connect with her on Twitter at @sunsing.

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