Any serious sound nerd will tell you that analog—the laborious recording format in which actual sound waves are recorded to reels of physical audio tape instead of airless, one-click digital recording on your laptop Pro-Tools 10—is a major reason why so many vinyl enthusiasts are so, well, enthused by the warm, textured sound of analogue-made records, and unimpressed by the alleged flatness of digital sound. All that nerd talk aside, singer (and respected music blogger) Rob Milton croons his own mid-tempo ode to the object of his affection using analog recording (and some cute wordplay) as a metaphor for connecting to love in real-time on “Analog.”

The saturated-in-red video was directed by Brian Washington and marks the debut music video for 25-year-old Milton, who split his time growing up between Hackensack, New Jersey and Richmond, Virginia. This smooth joint—with a hook interpolation of DeBarge’s “Love Me in a Special Way” and a guest verse from Portland rapper Tope—is the perfect way to finalize all of that playful summertime flirting, get serious and prep yourself for cooler fall temperatures and the soon-coming of “cuffing season” (or boo-thang hibernation, for the uninitiated).

At 2:36, the video for “Analog” is an abbreviated version of the full song, just enough of an appetizer to whet your appetite and download Rob Milton’s sweet, slow-cooked jam from his Bandcamp page to your iTunes library right away.—Sun Singleton

You can also keep up with Rob Milton’s musical movements on Twitter,  Instagram and Facebook. Sun Singleton is a Northern Virginia-born singer/journalist based in New York City. Follow her on Twitter @sunsing.