Bridging the gap between pop, eclectic and R&B, you will find Shvona Lavette. The self-defined “free spirit” is an avant-garde singer, songwriter and actress. Despite a rapidly ascending profile in front of the camera as a skilled actress, the “jill of all trades” stays intent on making her musical dreams a reality. In 2011, she joined the Stampede Management roster, which also includes Snoop Dogg and Macy Gray.

Earlier this year, Shvona released the acclaimed multi-dimensional EP Gossamer, which has introduced her to music lovers both regionally and nationally. The lead singles “Lovestung” and “Brand New” featured a mixture of alternative R&B with a mixture of pop and soul. Roaring off the success of the EP, Shvona returns soon with the upcoming It Was Fun While You Lasted. She defines the album, which documents life “post-breakup,” as an anthem for women to rediscover their feminine power with a “no apologies attitude.”

“It’s a feel good, fun album,” says the Queens, New York native (who now resides in Los Angeles). Shvona credits Patti Labelle, Tina Marie, Prince and Madonna as her influences growing up. “Musically we’re separated at birth energy,” she continues. “We have a lot of similarities as far as musical influences. I started going to this project with the sound of world music, unique of the traditional R&B sound. Some records marry that sound more than others, but that was my approach to this album.”

How does Shvona juggle multiple talents at the outset of her musical career? “I steer clear from choosing one passion, but as an artist, my main passion is the artistry,” says Shvona. “Whether it’s on set acting on a sitcom or doing this latest album, telling a story is what always drives me.

“Stick to what you want the end result to be,” advises Shvona. “There will be good days and not so good days. And never take no for an answer. This business specializes in shooting you down and discouraging you. I always keep myself around like-minded, positive people. Because [some] people won’t have your best interest at heart.”—Kimberly N. Wilson

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