Sixteen-year-old Anaiah Lei (drums, vocals) and 20-year-old Mikaiah Lei (guitar, vocals) formed their popular garage rock band, The Bots, got a record deal, and toured stadiums around the world before either brother had even finished high school. This critically acclaimed duo hails from Glendale, California, and “5:17” is the phonetically challenged name of the song for their latest video.

It features the baby-faced Lei brothers rocking out, and opens with the ’fro and Caesar-crowned siblings hamming it up in a slick, funny Shaft homage. “5:17” also stars the dude from Malcolm in the Middle jogging thither and yon inexplicably, to some destination unknown. That is, until the video’s end, when “Francis” finds himself in a place where you will (hopefully) lose yourself, if you get into the reggae-meets-punk sound-clash of Bad Brains or the White Stripes’ stripped-down hard blues.

Get open and wild out to The Bots’ music (which you can listen to here).—Sun Singleton

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Sun Singleton is a Virginia-born singer/journalist based in New York City. Follow her on Twitter @sunsing.

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