Welcome to the EBONY.com Intern Diaries! We are so excited about introducing our readers to the young talent behind the new site. It wasn’t too long ago that I interned with EBONY, so being a part of this new and fun project with EBONY.com feels nothing short of amazing. I hope you all get to know and love our interns just as much as we have.–Melanie Martin

Meet the 1st class!

Name: Alleea Hill, 20

Hometown:  Maplewood, NJ

College: Rutgers University; Journalism

I envision myself … Out of America…I’m so down with the dream of Marcus Garvey! Life is short, I want to be a free spirit. As soon as I graduate, I want to pack up my cutest outfits and move to Africa.

“ME” In three words…. Only three? That’s so hard! Confident. Dramatic. Fabulous.

I live for… warm spring days. I love the feeling of just throwing on a cute outfit and not having to think about a jacket! Oh yea and UN chapped lips… I need my lip-gloss.

#TheMotto Don’t just say something. Do something

EBONY.COM is… is my breath of fresh air, and EBONY.com is where I can click and see my people and see them my way. Being young and black in America, EBONY.com has provided me with a long lasting media friend in a world where that is so hard to find.

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Name: Asiah James, 18

Hometown: Washington, DC

College: Fashion Institute of Technology; Advertising, Marketing & Communications Major

I envision myself… As a young entrepreneur. Frankly, I just want to dabble in anything creative that I can get my hands on. By the age of 21, I plan to be at the beginning of my thrilling career in media, or better yet, at the start of “my big break!”

“ME” in three words… Innovative, Enthusiastic, & Savvy =].

I live for… photography. Any story can be told visually, but every person will translate the visual in a different way. The concept of a frozen moment of time is crazy if you think about it… Deep stuff right? I know.

#TheMotto “I am really good at being myself… You are not so good at being me…” -Unknown author, interesting theory.

EBONY.COM is… an inspiration, to the limitless heights that I can reach in life. Being surrounded by so many motivated and driven black women has made me realize the greater potential in my aspirations of not only becoming a better journalist, but also a better thinker as well.

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Name: Safiya M. Farquharson, 20

Hometown:  West Palm Beach, FL

School: New York University; Journalism & African Studies (Gallatin Concentration: Mediating Race)

I envision myself… as both a creative force and community organizer. I think that the media has yet to realize its capacity for social change and I want to be an innovator in that right.

“ME” in three words: Insightful. Passionate. Skeptical.

I live for… a statement head wrap and a pair of Keds!

#TheMotto being realistic is the most commonly traveled road to mediocrity! (Okay Will Smith said it, but I swear he took the words right out of my mouth)

EBONY.COM is… my classroom. I’ve learned so much from the remarkable women who run this impressive site and the writers who give me a fresh perspective on issues that affect my life daily. They put US first and I love them for it!

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Name: Mary Varano, 19

Hometown: Alexandria, Virginia

College: Parsons the New School for Design; Design & Management

I envision myself…working in the entertainment industry. I’m not quite sure exactly what I want to do, but all I know is that I want to be a boss.

“ME” in three words… Independent, Edgy and Cultured

I live for… street style fashion.

#TheMotto Everything happens for a reason.

EBONY.com is… ever-changing. It is hip and urban, yet still stays connected to its historical roots.



Name: Amira N. Fair, 23

Hometown:  New Brunswick, NJ

College: Bloomfield College; English (Concentration: Broadcast Journalism)

I envision myself…entering my career as a Columnist, or Television Producer…or maybe BOTH!! Sky is limit!!!

“ME” in three words…Genuine, Statuesque, Inquisitive

I live for…Chipotle!! Who doesn’t love a chicken bowl with guacamole and chips to accentuate the delicious delight!! Umm excuse me my mouth is watering.

#TheMotto Veni Vidi Vici ( I came, I saw, I conquered!)

EBONY.COM is….  Pure Excellence!! It is a voice that gives me a chance to have power in my words that touches the masses of across the world.

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Name: Melanie Yvette Martin

Age: 24

School: Alumni of Temple University

Occupation: EBONY Magazine Editorial Assistant, Digital

I envision myself as a young and upcoming female media creative force. My hope is to create a space for young women to feel they have a true voice in the media.

Me in 3 words: Fierce. Focused. Feminine.

I live for…hot pink lipstick!

#themotto…normal gets you nowhere.

EBONY.com is only the second chapter to this amazing journey I began 2 years ago. Being here has not only allowed me to learn about my own culture and people, but it has also given me the chance to work with so many amazing and talented people. I am blessed to be here.

I am so happy to bring to you our Intern Diaries! These young talents are going so far in life and I am so proud of them.  They are super talented and have voices that deserve to be heard. Welcome to their world.