The Honorable South, a five-piece New Orleans band, makes music they’ve dubbed “electric soul rock ’n’ roll.” Led vocally by Ms. Charm Jones—a loc-tressed singer with a bewitching presence and vocal timbre that lives somewhere between Res and Shingai Shoniwa of the Noisettes—The Honorable South blends Americana roots-influenced songwriting with the modern thunder of an 808 backbeat, among other sonic flavorings.

This band recently opened for Cody Chesnutt live, and their second album, Faithful, Brave and Honest, dropped earlier this month. The record includes a song co-produced by legendary New Orleans hip-hop producer Manny Fresh (“Lions for Higher”) and another tune, “Love Me or Leave Me Alone,” featuring the late No Limit rapper Soulja Slim.

Wearing a white shift dress and a crown of white rosebuds, Charm casts her rock-goddessy spell among the lush bayou greenery in the band’s first video from Faithful, Brave and Honest. “Saint Charles Parish” is a romantic rocker named for a Louisiana parish along the Mississippi river (in turn named for a sainted Catholic reformer). Take off your shoes and come chase the sun with The Honorable South; all ye saints and sinners are welcome.—Sun Singleton

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