The edgy L.A. rap collective Odd Future keeps on spawning new stars: Tyler the Creator, Earl Sweatshirt, Grammy winner Frank Ocean. And now The Internet, a future funk band led by OFWGKTA’s DJ/engineer/producer Syd tha Kid and her production partner, Matt Martians, along with bassist Patrick Hayes and drummer Christopher Allen Smith. The band have placed their latest bid for pop musical domination with the dance-tempo stunner, “Dontcha.”

The song has a minor-chord heavy, live band sound highly reminiscent of The Neptunes at their most Michael Jackson-influenced “Rock With You” melodic (most likely because the song has Chad Hugo on the production assist). The video for “Dontcha” is way more minimalist than the band’s first video, the psychedelic, drug-fueled fantasia, “Partners in Crime.” In this new black-and-white visual, Syd coyly sings lead with her band of stylin’ boys backing her up, eyes lowered as she beckons the female subject of her affection to take that big leap with her.

Syd’s lilting voice is simply gorgeous on this track, and her gangly boi style telegraphs cool androgyny without even trying. This song was a good indication of what Feel Good, the follow-up to their critically lauded 2011 debut album Purple Naked Ladies, had in store when it dropped last week. The Internet serve up some very tasty R&B that OFWGKTA fans (and everybody else) will feel very good about.—Sun Singleton

Follow The Internet on Twitter at @intanetz.

Sun Singleton is a Virginia-born singer/journalist based in New York City. Follow her on Twitter @sunsing.

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