Ooohh baby, gimme more. More rebel attitude, crazier mosh-pit altitude. Toronto punk unit The oOohh Baby Gimme Mores delivered on all that and much more at SXSW Music in Austin, Texas last week, when they kamikaze-bombed their beautiful noise onto the crowd and got them all drenched in their own happy sweat. The quartet have pointed to Jimi Hendrix as an inspiration for their sound—they rock out in a way that recalls Jimi’s distorted guitar and the Cars’ wavy synths. 

This band slayed SXSW by all accounts, and their innovative, animated “Beat Up Kidz” video delivers even beyond the promise of the rambunctious live show. “Beat Up Kidz” was brilliantly directed by Ryan Enn Hughes, with a manic flash-stop color effect  super-imposed over the four players as they rip and thrash through the song together. (Those four players? Guitarist/vocalist Densil McFarlane, drummer Colanthony Humphrey, keyboardist Jemuel Roberts and bassist Joe Brosnan.)


#Gorgeous and #eyepopping are two fitting hash-tags for “Beat Up Kidz.” Consider this bite-sized song scream therapy for the day. Press play and repeat.—Sun Singleton

Track The oOohh Baby Gimme Mores’ movements at their Bandcamp site, and follow them on Twitter @theobgms.

Sun Singleton is a Virginia-born singer/journalist based in New York City. Follow her on Twitter @sunsing.

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