Baby-making R&B is a rarefied art form, if applied with subtlety. It’s deep, fleshly craft: the right record (and voice) can uncage your sexy like few other musical forms are able. Newcomer Tiffany Gouché (goo-SHAY) may be on her way to reigning in this genre. Gouché is a southern California native like soulful music-makers The Internet and Tay Walker. It all causes us to wonder if the tap water there is spiked with THC and moonshine or something, because the post-millennial R&B coming from the West is something potent.

Gouché calls the music she makes “vibe,” but you’ll probably just call it a new addition to your essential boots-knockin’ playlist. The knob-twiddling singer/producer has been on the West Coast indie scene for a good minute now, collaborating with fellow upstart Iman Omari and sharing the stage with free-spirited genre-benders Willow Smith, KING and Jesse Boykins III.

Fantasy was conceived in the privacy of Gouché’s imagination. Fantasy’s protagonist is a slick teaser, but she’s also generous with her lover, putting down her tightest verbal game full stop. Gouché’s rich alto is everywhere too: it can swoop up into a vocal run fit for the R&B gods, and then flatten out to create a sexy monotone croon. Rapper Casey Veggies is the lone feature on Fantasy—just a hint of spice that keeps the EP’s red-light aura in tact.

As we patiently await visuals for Tiffany Gouché’s Fantasy, we have her dance duo-centric video, “Can’t Touch The Water” to tide us over, in which she serenades two limber lovebirds.—Sun Singleton

Listen to Gouché’s lush Fantasy in its entirety on Soundcloud and order it on iTunes. You can holler at her directly on Facebook and Instagram.

Sun Singleton is a Northern Virginia-born singer/journalist based in New York City. Follow her on Twitter @sunsing.

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