Anthony Myrie, a 24-year-old inmate at New York’s Greene Correctional Facility, mysteriously died while behind bars. Even worse, his family claims the location of his body is unknown.

Myrie’s brother wrote a lengthy statement on Instagram explaining the situation, saying the inmate's wife was on the phone with him when he was taken to solitary confinement by correctional officers.

“Around 2pm She Received A Message From a Family Member of Another Inmate Saying That Trey Was Taken To The Box .... A Short Time After His Wife Called The Prison To See Why He Was Placed In The Box ... They Told Her That He Wasn’t In The Box, That He Was In Population.”

The brother continued, “At Exactly 4:27, She Received A Call From The Jail Saying That Trey Was In ‘Critical Condition’ & Then @ 5:19pm They Called Her Back Saying That ‘HE DIDNT MAKE IT!’”

News10 reports Myrie died after an incident "involving several inmates," though no details are given. His body is reportedly at the Albany County Medical Examiner's Office. Family members, however, claim to have called the facility and were told they “HAVE NO RECORDS Of Him Ever Being Admitted.”

“SO WHERE IS HIS BODY??!! The Jail Is Tryna Buy Time To Cover This Up,” the brother asserts. “She Then Received Other Messages From family Members Of Other Inmates Saying That They Believe Trey Was Seriously Hurt By The C.O’s .... This Story Needs major ATTENTION! It Has Been Two Days & They Still Won’t Tell Nobody Where Our Brother’s Body Is!!”

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Myrie's death is currently under investigation by state officials.