Issa Rae is one of our favorite “Awkward Black Girls” out there. To watch her continuously climb the ladder to success in the forever changing industry of entertainment is just inspiring.

Recently, during an interview with LinkedIn, the Insecure actress and creator shared some of the best advice she’s ever received, specifically what motivates her.

“I’m motivated by fear,” the talented creative said. “‘I’m never going to have this opportunity again, so I’d better say what I have to say while people are still listening.'”

Rae, who was joined in the interview by Chelsea Handler, also touched on making your voice heard.

“This is the time where everyone has a voice,” she said. There are so many platforms dedicated to giving the average person a voice, so you can speak out…In a moment you can be seen and heard. This is an opportune time if you have something to say to speak out, and magical things can happen.”

Peep the interview below.