Seeing Issa Rae shine is no surprise. To be honest, she's always been a legend of major—presidential, even—proportions. From paving the way for Black chicks who erred on the side of awkwardness to creating her own ecosystem for sustainable media endeavors, Issa is really like that.

If you've ever questioned how much of a trendsetter and icon she is, check out six of her dopest boss moves over the years.

Hoorae For Representative Media

Created in 2020, Hoorae became the umbrella entertainment company for all of Issa Rae's numerous projects. Within it, Rae houses her film, digital and television projects, Raedio—her music publishing and supervision platform—and ColorCreative, a diverse management company for creators seeking to imagine and execute inclusive content. Hoorae has reimagined what is possible for creators of color and altered the blueprint for those looking to retain ownership of their creations while building true community.

CoverGirl of Our Dreams

Rae's confidence emanates from the inside out and displays what true beauty is. She can rock any natural hairstyle paired with a face beat to the Gods. Her reign as a quintessential CoverGirl was the combination of all these things.

Making Awkward Look Good

If you've followed Issa Rae for some time, then you are infinitely aware of her roots with Awkward Black Girl, a comedy web series she created with inspiration from her real life. The show's main character J navigates workplace politics and romantic relationships that push her out of her comfort zone.

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The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl
Issa Rae ( 37 Ink, 2016)

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Not So Insecure

A landmark series that holistically represented the Black millennial experience—especially those living in LA. Insecure resonated with our community in a multi-generational fashion. Airing on HBO for five seasons, the show depicted real-life relationships, love triangles and even social justice concerns respective to Los Angeles. Insecure continues to be lauded for its representation of everyday Black folks.

"Joining the Climb" With Hilltop Coffee

A champion of the people, Issa Rae partnered with co-founders Yonnie Hagos and Ajay Relan to open Hilltop Coffee. With multiple locations across Los Angeles, Hilltop makes a point to contribute and immerse itself within the community it is located in. The brand prioritizes itself as a safe place for creatives and doers who are in search of their own "hilltops."

Voice of the People (and Google)

Along with her various endeavors off and on screen, Issa Rae has lent her voice to other exciting initiatives. She literally became the voice of the Google Assistant; users could utilize her vocal option in order to "talk like Issa."