Issa Rae is keeping her promise to give opportunities to new and diverse writers. According to Variety, the Insecure creator signed a multiyear production pact with Columbia Pictures to promote emerging and diverse writers.

The deal is with Rae’s production company ColorCreative, which she co-founded with Chief Operating Officer Deniese Davis in 2015.  The company is producing Love America, a romantic musical feature, with Universal.

Rae will also star in the upcoming comedy American Princess.

Columbia head Sanford Panitch shared his enthusiasm about the new venture.

 “Issa is a force of nature, and a magnet for talented people. We couldn’t be more excited to join her in her mission to pave the way for fresh and authentic voices,” he said in a statement.

Rae added,  “Working with Bryan Smiley and Columbia Pictures to further the mission ColorCreative set out to achieve four years ago in creating access for underrepresented writers, has been a dream come true.”

She continued, “All of the projects we are working on are fresh and promising and we can’t wait to continue the work. We hope to set a precedent and inspire the industry at large to invest in undiscovered talent, original IP, and fresh stories and perspectives.”

The partnership with Columbia will be a mentorship program and studio diversity initiative. The selected writers will work with Rae and the studio to develop their original ideas.

Participants of the program will be announced in spring 2019.