Finding the right outfit for flying or traveling is certainly a sport in itself. We all want to be comfortable, especially for long-haul flights, but at the same time stylish. While this typically means resorting to leggings, sweatpants, hoodies or sweatshirts, actress, entrepreneur and EBONY Power 100 Issa Rae is teaching us that we can be both through her new collaboration with Delta Air Lines.

The Los Angeles native recently unveiled the all-new Delta Runway Runway Collection—yes, double on the runway—during L.A. Fashion Week. Tapping 6 small business owners specializing in everything from cosmetics and swimwear to shoes and eyewear, this drop was created to combat the common discomforts of flying by equipping travelers with a line for style and comfort.

Prior to the launch, Rae sat down with each of the collection’s designers to learn how travel inspired them to create their respective pieces.

“Every trip we go on, we try to pull inspiration and fuze a little of that into our design,” Timothy Cambell, co-founder of Ember Niche Eyewear, told Rae. “For this collection, we added some lanyards to the eyewear, so you can just hang your glasses on your neck while on the plane.” 

The collection also features items from Ano Mero Swim, Ponto Footwear, Cadence, Classic Six and Oyster

“When you travel, usually when you land you are in a rush,” said Woodie White of Oyster. “It’s nice to create something where you don’t have to worry about running to the hotel to change.”

White goes on to explain that travel allows him to learn about people from different cultures, different foods and languages, and about style—and his go-to travel color is navy, which is heavily featured in his “Traveling is a sport” hoodies and joggers.

The Delta Runway Runway Collection is currently available for purchase in limited quantities. Y