When we say Issa Rae is a woman who wear many hats, we mean it. She just wrapped season 2 of her latest HBO series Rap Sh*t, she left us gagged at her appearance in the trailer for her upcoming role in the new Barbie film, and now the Los Angeles native is schooling the girls on the 2023 NBA playoffs.

The actress recently partnered with AT&T for a fun activation in her hometown of L.A .to help ring in tip off of the 2023 tournament play. She appeared during day 1 of a 2-day pop-up fan experience at The Grove, where fans not only got to say hi to Issa Rae in-person, but AT&T customers also had the chance to win tickets to the NBA Conference Finals, and other prizes—all thanks to a giant interactive game ball.

"I'm super excited to be at this event, because it's so community centered and it's for people who have a love for the game," the actor and producer shares with us. "Because it takes place in my hometown of L.A., and I'm a big Lakers fan."

Beyond her multitude of on-and-off screen talents, the Insecure actor and creator shares that she also has a deep love for taking in NBA games. And when she does, she chooses to do so with some popcorn and a nice glass of bubbly in hand. Also, the fourth quarter—the time that her blood pressure skyrockets—is her favorite time of the game.

"I didn't really follow basketball that much outside of playing it as a kid. But once I saw my brothers bonding over it, it motivated me to get into it more as an adult," says Issa Rae. "And it honestly was watching the playoffs that got me into the game. Seeing the Lakers body the finals during their 3-peat, I was like, 'wow, this is incredible to watch.' It just amplified my love for the city and us having a championship team."

As we gear up for this year's NBA playoffs, beginning April 15, 2023, Rae says she's excited to see her Lakers make their way to the finals. But, if she can help it, she would like to see them matched against one specific team in the championship game.

"If it ends up being the Lakers versus the [Memphis] Grizzlies, I would be happy. But, if it's the Lakers and [Golden State] Warriors, I'll be kind of upset because they always end up taking it," she says. "I love Steph Curry and the team. It will be a riveting game, for sure, but I would just prefer them to take on the Grizzlies."