As we prepare to bid Insecure adieu, Issa Rae has already begun filming her next television project, Rap Sh*t. Back in February, it was announced that City Girls rappers Yung Miami and JT signed onto the project as executive producers, fueling speculation that the storyline, which follows two high school friends in Miami pursuing their rap dreams, is based on the City Girls' life story. However, as it turns out, several female rappers may be able to see themselves within the Rap Sh*t story.

"It's really a commentary on a lot of female rappers during that time," Issa clarified in an interview with EBONY. "I think because it's set in Miami, people are like, 'Oh, it's the City Girls' story.' But the City Girls actually exist in the Rap Sh*t world. It's Cardi's story. It's Megan's story. It's Azealia's story. I was just influenced by so much of what it is to be a female rapper in today's time."

While there's no word on exactly when Rap Sh*t will make its highly anticipated debut on HBO Max, we can confirm that filming is underway.

"I'm actually in Miami right now," Issa shared. "I've been here all week getting prepped for it. We officially start shooting on Monday and I'm so beyond excited to get this off the ground," shares Issa. "It's the next show I've created, and it's really important to me that it does well. It's a whole new kind of pressure. A different kind of pressure than Insecure—but a pressure."