L'Uomo Vogue Magazine has done it again. The May issue of the Italian glossy is all about Africa, but instead of focusing on civil wars, corrupt government officials, and other pathological stories often spotlighted in the media, the articles will focus on the postive aspects of the continent. The cover story centers on UN General Secretary Ban Ki-moon, while additional pieces highlight agriculture, education, and Nollywood. "Africa does not need charity. Africa needs investment and partnership. Joining forces with civil society and private sector, including non-traditional players, like the fashion industry, has become indispensable. Sustainable development is my top priority," Ki-moon said. 

Breakout South African musician Lira is also featured in this issue — speaking about her desire to take her success on the continent to a broader global audience — along with a look at the major players in the African fashion scene. Fashionista contributor and founder of Africa Style Daily Zandile Blay said, “from fashion to film to politics, the continent is in the midst of a total makeover so Franca Sozzani and L’Uomo Vogue are right to document it.” Sozzani, the editor mastermind behind the dazzling all Black Vogue Italia issue in 2008, has once again placed Black beauty, power, and intellect into the spotlight by celebrating and promoting diversity across various cultures.