We know everyone is excited for fall and its lovely transition. But the truth is, it’s still summer! Already women are giving up on their heat-fighting hair care routine, and it’s not time yet. From relaxed to natural, hair care expert Tippi Shorter shares her best advice to keep your strands hydrated and full of life.

For women with relaxed hair

The Do: Women should definitely be conditioning. Relaxed hair is already dry because of the chemicals, and it gets drier because of the sun. So the absolute must is to continue deep conditioning.

The Don’t: Refrain from using heat to dry your hair on a daily basis. That’s just a no-no in general, but it’s definitely a no-no in the summer. The hair is already dry, so the last thing you want to do is add additional stress to your hair.

For women with natural hair

The Do: Since our hair varies in texture, I’ll try to keep it as general as possible. My ultimate must is to find styles that look great even if the humidity causes your curls to ’fro. Aveda has a really great line for natural women, called Be Curly. I always suggest the curl controller, which is moisturizing—kind of a mix between a conditioner and a serum. It conditions, softens and adds a hint of shine and hold to the hair as well.

The Don’t: Stop waiting too long in between shampooing. Up to twice a week is fine, because you’re perspiring from the humidity and heat.

For women rocking braids:

The Do: Make sure you oil or moisturize your scalp regularly.

The Don’t: Don’t let your braider pull too tightly on your hairline; this could cause breakage.

For women wearing a weave:

The Do: Invest in buying quality hair. Just do it.

The Don’t: Stop thinking it’s magical hair, meaning you won’t have to take care of it. It still sheds and does everything human hair does. It’s just not growing out of your scalp. Also, don’t keep your weave in for longer than two months.