Graduating from high school is stressful enough, and getting into one post-secondary brick and mortar institution is a goal that many will not achieve, let alone an Ivy League school.

But students at one Louisiana school got the shock and blessings of their lives when they got accepted to some of the nation’s top post-secondary institutions.

According to The Root, TM Landry College Preparatory shared a video of 16-year-old Ayrton Little nervously checking to see if he got admitted to Harvard. He was surrounded by fellow classmates, and guess what? He got in.

Little couldn’t contain his excitement as he jumped up and down in front of his peers. Harvard has always been Little’s dream school, according to an interview with Huffington Post.

But that wasn’t all. In fact, the crew was just getting started.

The school followed up and shared a video of Kayla Amos, a graduating senior being accepted to New York City’s Columbia University. Of course Kayla is ecstatic.

And on last Friday, Little’s brother, Alexander, was accepted into Ivy Leagues: Stanford University to be exact.

Man, if this isn’t #BlackExcellence I’m not sure what is. Watch the awesome videos that have sense gone viral below.

And another one …

And …you guessed it. Another one!

I love how this group of young Black men and women appear to encourage each other. There’s nothing like having a support system as you seek to not only obtain your education, but better yourself.

Congrats again to the students at Louisiana’s TM Landry College Preparatory on their magnificent achievement. Something tells us this is just the beginning for Ayrton, Alexander, Kayla and a host of other young Black students seeking to get into college and experiencing success beyond the walls of the classroom.

Black excellence is very much alive and well.