J.B. Smoove is a comedian’s comedian. For over 30 years, the New York native has wowed audiences with his unique brand of physicalx comedy and hilarious observations about everyday life.

He has appeared on Def Comedy Jam, Comic View, and was a writer and performer on Saturday Night Live for 3 years in the early oughts. Also, he's had recurring roles in Everybody Hates Chris, Real Husbands of Hollywood and had his breakout role as Leon in HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm.

When he’s not out on tour, J.B., a brand ambassador for White Claw, is a host of One Course With JB Smoove.

EBONY caught up with the comedian and spoke with him about the state of comedy, his love of fashion, and if there will be another season of Curb Your Enthusiasm.

EBONY: Here in L.A., your name is out on the famed wall of The Comedy Store and you appeared on Phat Tuesdays doc on Hulu. What other comedy clubs from that era would you like to see featured in a documentary?

J.B. Smoove: It was an amazing thing to be a part of the stand-up comedy scene in L.A. but I started at the Uptown Comedy Club in Harlem. It definitely needs its own documentary. That's where I met Tracy Morgan. He would wear that beanie with the little propeller on it [Laughs]. That club has an amazing story. To start in Harlem at the National Black Theater, it was an amazing time. The Uptown Comedy Club was also a springboard to Def Comedy Jam. That club gave us a chance to meet comedians that we never knew existed in places like St. Louis, Detroit, and Chicago. We made friendships that last forever. Of course today, the world is so much faster. We have the internet and social media. We have all these different outlets we perform on TV all the time. When I was coming up, we didn’t have any of that.

On the MSG Network, you are back with another season of One Course With JB Smoove. What is your inspiration behind the show?

The show started as Four Courses With JB Smoove. We had amazing guests from comedians, athletes, musicians and actors. We had everybody around the table and they were hand-picked because were fans of each other. We found some amazing stories. All those stories we still talk about today. Some of my favorite guests were former Knicks Larry Johnson and Anthony Mason, may he rest in peace. When Mason played in Charlotte, he would book comedians and fly them to do comedy shows at clubs around the city. He loved stand-up comedy.

For the past two seasons, it’s been One Course With JB Smoove, which is one on one interviews and is even more insightful. We're just talking about life, food, and all the things that make have shaped the guests on their amazing journeys.

For aspiring comedians today, what advice would you give them?

Start slow. The world is so much faster now. When I started, we had to take turns driving across the country because couldn’t afford to fly all over the place. Do you know how many times I drove from Florida to Texas for two weeks from club to club [Laughs]? It wasn't as many comedy clubs back then so I was performing in nightclubs and strip clubs. There was a pole behind me on stage while I was performing [Laughs]. So I've done a little of everything. I would say to younger comedians to learn from the cats who did it before social media. Listen to what they tell you. It’s nothing wrong with doing things slower. Feel it, experience it and absorb it. I want them to be sponges to what we have already done. We made it easy for you. We did the real work as we were going to nightclubs, late at night with 10 people in the audience. We had to pull over and make phone calls because there were no cell phones back then. We had to do everything manually. I want young comedians to understand the path that has been laid out for them and appreciate it.

Outside of your comedy, you are well-known for being a man of fine haberdashery. Where did you get your sense of style?

I've always been a fan of the Harlem Renaissance. I’ve always loved speakeasies, shooting pool and old cars. To be honest, I think I've been here on this planet three times. I'm telling you, I've gone to places where I've actually felt it on my skin like, like "I was here before." If you think about the '60s, they had on suits every day. They may have had only 3 or 4 suits but they wore those suits. I always say when you look good, you feel good.

Lastly, will Leon be making a return in another season of Curb Your Enthusiasm?

Yes he will!  We just finished taping season 12 last month. I don’t know when the release date is but it will be airing at some point. I can’t wait for y'all to see it.