While getting vaccinated against COVID-19 is a deeply personal decision that every adult has to make for themselves, the decision can actually affect others more than one may think. YouTube star Jackie Aina sat down with President Joe Biden and Dr. Anthony Fauci to discuss the science behind the vaccine and why they believe we have an obligation to get vaccinated.

"We don't put people down for asking questions or having concerns about the vaccine, but they need to know that the science that we put into it is absolutely pristine," Dr. Fauci told Aina after emphasizing that the vaccine is both effective and safe. "This is the result of decades of very intensive and clinical research."

While "the world reopening" is one of the greatest incentives that is being pushed as a reason for Americans to get vaccinated, Biden says that this is not the only reason. Getting vaccinated also affects other people.

"If people understand the science behind why we say that it is so important to get vaccinated, they are more inclined to think not just about themselves, but about other people," Biden explained. "It forces a person to get introspective and decide, 'Do I have an obligation to get this even though I feel pretty secure?'"

Biden went on to emphasize that perfectly healthy people can act as carriers of the virus and potentially pass it on to a person who is high-risk.

"It's all about protecting other people," he went on. "It's about your obligation."

Talking about the pros and cons, speaking candidly in regard to fears surrounding the injection, and sharing accurate information are the only things that will help us to move forward as a nation and get back to some semblance of normalcy.