Over 50 million people have viewed the viral video about Lord’s Resistance Army leader Joseph Kony. Now, the escaped child soldier at the center of it all is telling his story. Jacob Acaye opened up to ABC News Friday about the plight of Uganda’s children after having losing his own brother to the internet’s latest viral star.

“They cut his neck …I saw,” Acaye said, following with “It is better when you us …For us, we don’t want now to stay.” Acaye was only 13-years-old when the video was shot. He is now 21. The future lawyer is practicing in the same Uganda he once feared. “It’s a good life, a really good life,” he told ABC News. “I have so many nice friends.”

Acaye still isn’t sure if Kony’s reign of terror will stop, saying “I still don’t know when will it end. The more time is ticking, the more people are dying. The more people are still suffering. The more people [are] being abducted.”

Considering the multiple different sources disputing the accuracy of the Kony documentary, how important is it to get testimony from more former child soldiers?