When will the media stop messing with our hearts? When rumors began circulating last August that the beautiful Pinkett-Smith family may be disintegrating, we said a silent prayer for one of the few examples of lasting black love and waited patiently for the sad fall out. As it turns out, those rumors would continue to bounce back and forth, from divorce to no-divorce, more quickly than our Twitter timelines could deal with. Well, the ball is now back in the divorce court for Will Smith and wife Jada Pinkett-Smith, with reports alleging that the latter met with famous divorce lawyer Laura Wasser. 

It seems as though Jada has decided to go with the big guns, seeing as Wasser has represented some of the biggest celebrities including the recent divorcees Kim Kardashian and Vanessa Bryant. Hopefully, if the Smiths do decide to go their separate ways, the process will be done with their children in mind, as well as their solid careers and commendable celebrity reputations. Is this Smith divorce report the real deal this time?