Oscar-winner Mo’Nique is calling for fans to boycott Netflix after feeling low-balled by a $500,000 offer for a new stand-up special over what she deems “gender bias and color bias.”

While some fans and fellow comics support the movement, others believe Mo doesn’t have a realistic view of her comedic value. Still, her overall point wasn’t lost on fellow actress Jada Pinkett Smith.

Pinkett Smith tweeted her support of Mo’Nique’s position, saying while you may not like the outspoken comedienne, she is right to call out the unfair treatment non-white women face.

“You don’t have to like Mo’Nique’s approach. You don’t have to agree with her boycott but don’t allow all of that to make you blind to the fact that non-white women and impoverished white women are underpaid, underrepresented and undervalued EVERYWHERE by EVERYONE.”

She went on, “As a community, we should be supporting the light she is shining on this truth.”

Check out her response to Mo’Nique below.