Jada Pinkett Smith; her mother, Adrienne; and her daughter, Willow, shared their physical and mental wellness secrets on Monday’s New Year’s Eve episode of Red Table Talk.

Jada explained that she “rarely” goes out to celebrate the new year. Although it’s her and Will’s wedding anniversary, while he’s out, she stays home and works on herself.


“Usually, Will on New Year’s likes to be in an adventure in the world somewhere,” Jada said. “There’s no telling where he’s gonna be! And I like to be inside. I don’t want to be out in the world.”

The Girls Trip star revealed that they no longer traditionally celebrate their anniversary.  “He now has the freedom [to] go have an awesome adventure of some kind.”

She, on the other hand, does “spiritual work” to find her “place of peace” for the upcoming year.

“It’s like a burning ceremony,” Jada disclosed. “I’ll write down something that I need to purify. … I’ll put it in a bowl and light it up.”

“It’s part of an action that lets go of that negative idea about myself, and I replace it with a new narrative,” she continued. “It turns into a mantra, and that might be a mantra that I’ll have to carry for months until it becomes … the new narrative.”

Later in the episode, the women discussed their viral post-workout photo and their workout routines.  They welcomed fitness gurus Whitney Simmons and Brittne Babe to teach new simple workouts.

To conclude 2018’s final Red Table Talk episode, Jada opened up about the success of the Facebook Watch series and discovering her community.

“This table has given me freedom,” the actress said. “And it’s continuing to give me freedom.”

Watch the full episode below.