Few things compare to a good mother-daughter heart-to-heart.One of America's favorite families, the Smiths, will be doing just that in a new series titled "Red Table Talk." Jada Pinkett-Smith, Jada's mother, and Willow will be speaking to one another about family, fame, life, love and many other subjects, bringing their own perspectives from their respective generations. The conversation, which is set to air on Mother's Day, will provide an intimate glimpse into what goes on behind the paparazzi lens and the blockbuster movie lifestyle that Jada and Willow appear to lead. 

In the series' trailer, Jada's mother reveals to Willow that she was admittedly not such a "good mother" to Jada, while Willow questions the importance of quality time with one another. 

“The Red Table will eventually represent all conversation… My belief is that communication is the best way to create strong relationships,” said Jada. While the platform of the series is still unknown, "Red Table" will hopefully be a continuing series that involves other influential women from all walks of life, demonstrating the importance of communication, togetherness, and honesty.