The coolest teens around town are teaming up once again to deliver more #siblingsgoals. Jaden and Willow Smith are starting a rock band!

Jaden’s girlfriend, Odessa Adlon is said to be joining the family venture as well. There hasn’t much detail given about the new musical group, but we can’t wait to hear these talented two back on the mic. Jaden blessed his Twitter followers with a clip of some tunes in production. What do you all think?


For those who have kept up with the Smith’s youngest son you would know that he is a huge fan of K-Pop. So, the talk of starting a rock band was a glorious and surprising announcement. We are here for it! In addition to hinting at his rock band aspirations,  the eclectic entertainer shared that he’ll release  two music videos and a potential single over the next few months.

We’re looking forward to seeing what tunes will be produced.