So, yeah, here’s a sure example of how to create a lane for yourself and then run with platform.

James Wright Chanel is back again! And now he’s making us wonder if he’s the best food pitchman since Rodney Allen Rippy.

His popularity skyrocketed through a video he made singing the praises of Patti LaBelle’s sweet potato pies which went viral and had folk racing to Wal-Mart and stocking up on the item thanks to his high pitched musings that the store could not keep them in stock.

Welp, this time he’s taking on Steve Harvey’s Easy Bacon and apparently it took him to church. In another video review, one bite of the bacon had James singing about it as if he’s doing a gospel choir solo.

We don’t know if this is the first time bacon was a religious experience for anyone, but if Harvey has a fraction of the success LaBelle did from the below YouTube video, then it may prove Chanel has got some kind of magic touch when it comes to the web and celebrity-stamped processed food.