Sleep is for suckers and that’s one thing detective Vincent Downs—played by Academy Award winner Jamie Foxx—is not. When the film debuts on Jan. 13 you’ll witness Downs going Sleepless in Sin City, on a mission to keep his teenage son from falling victim to the vindictive drug lord he betrayed, with the help of equally shady partner Sean Cass (Clifford “T.I.” Harris). Crooked cops hustling to outwit and outshoot the cocaine-slinging, casino-controlling mobsters who kidnapped Downs’ kid following a drug heist gone wrong, the Dirty Duo take Sleepless viewers on a high-octane, plot-twisting, roller-coaster-of-a-ride with more shots fired than an episode of Wendy Williams.

Downs may be the grimiest but he certainly isn’t the first: Some of the Founding Fearless Fathers of Black Cinema paved the way for homie’s unapologetically gangsta ways.