Several first look images of Jamie Foxx as President in the upcoming blockbuster film “White House Down” have been released just in time for Election Day in the United States. Helmed by Roland Emmerich, the filmmaker behind action hits *Independence Day* and *The Day After Tomorrow*, the film will center around Foxx and Channing Tatum, who will play a Secret Service agent protecting the commander-in-chief from a paramilitary group invasion at the White House. *Entertainment Weekly* magazine recently released images from the anticipated film, along with a few tidbits from the cast interview. As far as inspiration for his role, Foxx claims to have been influenced by several fictional presidents, including Harrison Ford in *Air Force One* and the current POTUS Barack Obama.

“There will be moments in the movie–the speeches, stuff like that–where [Obama] will know we’re doing a nod to him…” said Foxx. “But hopefully he’ll understand that my character is definitely not him.”

Having already worked with veteran directors Quentin Tarantino and Emmerich this year alone, Foxx is shaping up to become a box office leading man,
commanding major roles in action, comedies, and dramas alike. The Academy Award winner has also been the subject of recent rumors surrounding the next *Spider-Man* film, in which he might play the hero’s nemesis Electro.

“I mean, I can’t go into it in too much detail, except to say that I think Jamie Foxx is one of our great living actors. He’s a star, but he’s a brilliant character actor,” *The Amazing Spider-Man 2* director Marc Webb told *The Huffington Post*. “I mean, all of the way back to the days of “In Living Color,” I think he’s done some pretty exceptional work.”

Although a trailer has yet to be released for *White House Down*, the casting has been listed on Coming off of her brief but excellent role as Denzel Washington’s wife in *Flight*, Garcelle Beauvais will reunite with her former sitcom love interest on *The Jamie Foxx Show* to play the First Lady. Maggie Gyllenhaal, Lance Reddick, and James Woods have also been announced as cast members, with Gyllenhaal playing the head of Secret Service who hires Tatum, possibly due to her confidential knowledge regarding his past. *White House Down *will hit U.S. theaters this summer on June 28, 2013.