EBONY March 2023 cover star Janelle Monáe’s non-profit, Fem the Future, announced the expansion of its partnership with Warner Music Group/Blavatnik Family Foundation Social Justice Fund to offer innovative programs for under-resourced girls and non-binary youth of color in music, the arts, and education. As part of the expanded partnership, Fem the Future received a grant of  $150,000 that “will serve as a pilot for longer-term collaboration between the two organizations.”

Monáe issued a statement about how the partnership will take the work of Fem the Future to another level.

"In partnership with the Social Justice Fund, we’re giving girls the chance to own their power—and change the world,” said Monáe. “The SJF grant will support Fem the Future as it develops programming for girls and non-binary youth and shines light on their talent—helping them build confidence, expand educational opportunities and make informed decisions about their bodies, their lives and their futures. A beautiful future begins with uplifting the next generation of artists, activists and freedom fighters."

Lorelei Williams, Executive Director, Warner Music Group/Blavatnik Family Foundation Social Justice Fund, lauded Monáe for her tireless work to highlight marginalized people through the arts.

“It is a joy to partner with Janelle Monáe and Fem the Future in their groundbreaking work,” said Williams. “As a cultural icon and catalyst, Janelle embodies liberation in her music and across all of her creative platforms, including Fem the Future. With the fall of Roe v. Wade and the rise of anti-LGBTQI+ bills, the fight for gender justice is more crucial than ever. Our bodies and our freedoms are at stake. This grant will enable Fem the Future to scale up its programming; elevate the power and brilliance of Black girls and non-binary youth; and ensure greater access to life-changing opportunities.”

“On behalf of Fem the Future, we are beyond thrilled to partner with the Warner Music Group/Blavatnik Family Foundation Social Justice Fund,” added Christina Shareef, Fem the Future Board Chair. “This partnership represents a powerful opportunity to increase access and opportunities for women and girls of color in music, entertainment, and the creative arts. By giving them the tools to succeed academically and professionally—and amplifying their voices and perspectives—we can spark lasting change in their lives. I am confident that together, we can make a real difference and I am excited for all the incredible things we will achieve."