Janet Jackson’s longtime friend and Creative Director, Gil Duldulao, has broke his silence about rumors surrounding her split from estranged hubby, Wissam Al Mana, People reports.

Duldulao took to his Instagram page to defend the “Unbreakable” singer. He specifically addressed allegations that she stayed married to Al Mana for money and used him to have a child.

“Hi. I want to state what I have to say as a friend,” Duldulao begins in his post. “Even if there was a possibility that my friend could make 500 mil off of having a child. It’s not in her character to want and or accept 500 mil. It’s character people and she is not the one. She would never accept a pay out or want a pay out. That’s the human being I know. So to the f****rs that state that- f*** you. That’s not my friend and will never be. Point blank period.”

F you

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Jackson’s friend also took to Twitter to respond to the rumors making it known that Jackson doesn’t need her estranged husband’s money.

“You know how much she’s worth!?! @JanetJackson,” he tweeted.

Neither Jackson or Al Mana have publicly responded to the allegations.