While Janet Jackson may have frustrated a few loyal fans after cancelling her tour last year, the fact that she’s one of the most sensual and talented entertainers in the business is indisputable.

After giving birth to a lovely baby boy earlier in January, Ms. Jackson …If you’re nasty announced that she will start touring in September.

But that’s a little ways away. To hold us over, here are five sensual lessons taught by Janet Jackson.

1) To say what you want and desire. – “All For You”

Don’t let the upbeat tempo fool you. “All For You” is one of those tracks that subtly reminds us of just how aware we must be, and make a potential lover of our desires. Love—or lust, for that matter—first starts with a thirst that must be quenched. In order to even become a thought in someone’s mind you must not only capture their attention, but be bold in your pursuit:

All my girls at the party
Look at that body
Shakin’ that thing
Like you never did see
Got a nice package alright
Guess I’m gonna have to ride it tonight

It’s all for you
If you really want it
It’s all for you if you say you need it
It’s all for you if you gotta have it
It’s all for you tell me I’m the only one
It’s all for you soon we’ll be having fun
It’s all for you come over here and get some
It’s all for you if you make a move
It’s all for you

2) Be willing to submit. – “Discipline”

When it comes to intimacy, the experience is much more meaningful when you have trust. There’s no better way to communicate how much you trust someone than allowing them to dominate you in the bedroom. Janet Jackson’s song, “Discipline” not only conveys the importance of fantasy and role play during intimacy, but emphasizes a need to bond through an even exchange of power and granted control:

I misbehaved
And my punishment should fit my crime
Daddy do something, take off all my clothes
Daddy I want you to take your time
(Oh) Scared
My heart is beating fast
Shiver as he grabs my neck
Daddy, blind fold me daddy
It’s better when I don’t know what to expect

You be the teacher I’ll be the student
Tell me to do it and I will do it
You be the teacher I’ll be the student
Tell me to do it and I will do it

3) True seduction begins outside of the bedroom. – “Love Scene”

Few things are more powerful than your imagination. Our thoughts and dreams allow us to get excited about the possibilities, and sex is no exception. There’s nothing like having someone who you desire. Ms. Jackson’s song, “Love Scene” reminds us to always look forward to being intimate with that special someone and to ache for him or her even when they’re not around:

Lying here
I imagine you with me
On this rainy night
I feel your touch
As your hands move slowly

You whisper words
Your fantasies in my ear
You know this I like
Just tell me know
When and where you want me
And I’ll be there

4) Never allow the passion to die. – “No Sleeep”

Many people tend to become comfortable in their relationship as time progresses. In the following track, Janet reminds us to keep the flame of passion and desire alive. Whether you’re just starting out or have been together for years, always aim to get “No Sleeep.”

48 hours in love
It oughta be a weekend marathon
So you better get ready, my king
Cause I’ma be the queen of insomnia
Stay wide awake
For every moment we spend together
Cause every second you’re away
Feels like forever

You’re missing me, I’m missing you
Whenever we meet, we ain’t gonna get no sleep
When I get to be together with you
It’s fait accompli, we ain’t gonna get no sleep

5) That there’s nothing like being in love. – “Twenty Foreplay”

“Twenty Foreplay” reminds us of the importance of adoring your mate. Aim to make as many tender moments as possible, so you have memories that last a lifetime:

Sleep my love
Don’t you worry
You just sleep my love
And I’ll stroke your hair
Oh the sunlight on your face
As the day begins to break

When you wake
And your smile meets mine ah
My day begins
You’re my inspiration
Seeing your face glow
It’s the nicest of hellos