Janet Jackson has recently used her legal team to lash out against Vanity Fair magazine. According to reports, Janet's attorney sent the publication an angry letter, insisting that a "false and defamatory" excerpt scheduled for the publish in the Nov. 2012 issue regarding Janet  and her late brother Michael Jackson be retracted. Taken from the upcoming book written by Randall Sullivan, the excerpt includes the claim that Janet held up Michael's funeral to receive the $40,000 that she had allegedly deposited for his plot.

"Ms. Jackson never delayed the funeral in anyway," Janet's attorney reportedly wrote in the letter. "In fact, she paid for the funeral and was reimbursed for some of those expenses by Michael Jackson's estate in the year after the services took place."

"In addition," her attorney added, “there were other private costs associated with Michael Jackson's passing that Ms. Jackson incurred and for which she has never sought reimbursement. To falsely accuse Ms. Jackson of holding up her brother's funeral over money is outrageous. This story is particularly hurtful and distressing because of Ms. Jackson's strong desire to serve her brother, whom she loved dearly…"

In the letter, Janet's attorney insisted that the claim of Janet's "refusal" to permit the funeral to take place until she receive her deposit be removed from the article. Nonetheless, despite the scathing letter, no threat of legal action was made.