When it comes to HBO’s hit urban series Insecure, you’re either #TeamLawrence or #TeamIssa.

Well, Jay Ellis, the man who portrays the former character on Issa Rae’s production, is giving Lawrence some much needed advice.

During an interview with Cosmopolitan, the 35-year-old actor dished on what he would say to his beloved …and sometimes hated …character if he had the chance to speak with him, as well as what he’s learned from Lawrence by portraying him on the series.

“Being on a show that is created by a woman, and our writers’ room is predominantly made up of women — we work with a lot of woman directors, and our DP, our camera crew — you see relationships and sex from a completely different perspective,” Ellis revealed. “You start to see that you may not care, but to a woman you’re in a relationship with or sleeping with, it could mean a completely different thing.”

As far as his own character, Ellis says one of the biggest things he could tell Lawrence is to make communication a priority.

“I think the biggest thing is just being able to use your words and have a conversation and not feel afraid to be vulnerable and open up,” he said. “Whether it’s picking up the phone and calling Issa or whether it’s picking up the phone and calling one of his friends. Lawrence needs to get out of his head and actually start talking through things with somebody.”

Good advice, Jay.

Season 2 may have wrapped up, but we can’t wait to see Jay, Issa, Yvonne and the rest of the crew return for Season 3 of Insecure this Fall!