Just days after vocalizing his allegiance with Colin Kaepernick, Jay-Z has reportedly turned down an invitation to perform at the NFL’s 2018 Super Bowl according to The Source.

On Tuesday, the website reported that the NFL extended an offer to Hov to perform during the coveted slot, but the godfather of young Black men apparently wanted no parts.

The NFL hasn’t denied the claims.

“No decisions have been made on the performer(s) and we are not going to speculate on particular artists,” NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy said in a statement to ProFootballTalk. “Along with Pepsi, we know that we will put on a spectacular show. When it is time to announce her name we will do it. Or his name. Or their names.”

ProFootballTalk claims there have also been allegations that the NFL expects a rather hefty percentage from ticket sales when the chosen performer is a high-profile act. But Beyonce’s hubby has regularly aligned himself with issues of racial inequality and other social causes, particularly criminal justice reform so it’s very possible his refusal was done as a show of solidarity with Kaepernick.