Jay-Z has filed a lawsuit against Bacardi over the brand’s lack of financial transparency in their partnership with D’Usse, reports Complex.

Since 2011, Jay-Z has co-owned D’Usse with Barcardi. 

SC Liquor, the business mogul's company filed the lawsuit on Tuesday demanding Bacardi to disclose their books so it can be known how profits are being made with D’Usse.

According to the documents, Jay-Z's company is requesting “for all the financial books and records in addition to the location of all the warehouses storing barrels, bottles and accessories for the cognac brand.”

Additionally, SC Liquor stated that it's seeking to “monitor the conduct of Bacardi's business to protect SC's rights as” a partner in the company.

Besides his legal issues with Barcardi, Jay-Z's Marcy Venture Partners firm recently invested $16.5M in Stellar Pizza, a pizza delivery chain powered by robots. Created by former SpaceX engineer Benson Tsai and based in Los Angeles, the company created an automated pizza machine that can prepare and cook an entire pizza in five minutes.

Stellar Pizza will begin testing its robotic pizza machines at the University of California this fall.