With the world's "Most Beautiful Women" as a mother and the "Best Rapper Alive" as a father, there's no doubt that Beyonce and Jay-Z's daughter Blue Ivy will be the center of attention amongst the current gaggle of famous celebrity babies for years to come. In recent Blue news, her father is set to appear on tonight's "Oprah's Master Class: Special Edition," during which he reveals that his daughter “will probably be the worst, spoiled kid ever." While this Blue Ivy news falls neatly beside other obvious truths, such as grass being green, the parents themselves had yet to confirm that they planned on extravagantly decking out their daughter.

Despite his intentions of keeping Blue Ivy as happy as a clam, the rapper-turned-mogul still predicts some rocky roads ahead between he and Blue Ivy. “Everyone imagines they’ll be a great dad until their [kids are] teenagers," says Jay-Z. “[They say], ‘Get away from me, Dad. You’re embarrassing me.’”