The death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin has not only put race under America's microscope, but Florida's "Stand Your Ground" law as well. After police cited the self-defense law as one reason they did not arrest George Zimmerman, the man who signed "Stand Your Ground" into law says officials have it wrong. Speaking Friday in Texas, former Florida governor Jeb Bush said that the law doesn't apply to this case. "Stand your ground means stand your ground. It doesn't mean chase after somebody who's turned their back," Bush told The Dallas Morning News

"This law does not apply to this particular circumstance," Bush said after an educational panel discussion at the University of Texas at Arlington. Tensions have been on high after Zimmerman, 28, was detained by Sanford police, but subsequently let go. He has not been arrested since admitting to shooting the 17-year-old in the chest. The Martin case has opened up old wounds about race and justice in America. The teenager was walking home from a convenience store Feb. 26, when Zimmerman fatally shot Martin in a scuffle.

Now that there has been clarification on the "Stand Your Ground" law, will George Zimmerman have his day in court?